Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wubi: An Ubuntu Desktop Edition Installer for Windows

Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users. It installs and uninstalls Ubuntu in the same way as any other Windows application. It’s free, simple and provides a fully functional operating system that does not require any activation.
So, there is no requirement of burning a CD. To start with, you need to specify the installation drive, desktop environment (Ubuntu), user name and password and then click on Install button.

Once you reboot your system, you will see dual boot options coming up including your existing Windows and newly installed Ubuntu. Well, it all happened without formatting your hard-disk as the Wubi utility just got installed inside Windows space.
However, you need to place the ISO ( Desktop Edition) in the same folder where you have wubi.exe and then run the Wubi utility.
Now, you can select the Ubuntu boot option to boot to Ubuntu using the username and password that you set for Wubi.
Wubi is a freeware, comes with a file size of just 1.4MB and runs well in Windows 98, 2000, XP and Windows Vista. I also tried on Windows 7, but it did not work there.
For more details regarding Wubi, visit official support page from Wubi.

Download Wubi – Ubuntu Desktop Installer for Windows

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