Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Update Your Facebook Status by Email

There are times when we can’t login to Facebook because it has blocked by company proxy or you don’t want to let others know you are online in Facebook. While you can do this by sending email to Facebook to notify them to update status for you. Facebook allow users to update their profile status easily by sending an email to them. The overall process is very simple and easy. But I think you need to use your default email provider as specify in your Facebook account settings. I have try using my primary email and my status is updated in a second.

Step by step instructions :

1. Login your account at Go to to obtain the Facebook   email address for updating status.

2.  Go to the upload section and copy the address for your personalized upload email.

3. Sign-in to your email account whose address you saved on upload section of  Facebook as mentioned in pevious step. Compose a new email and enter recipient email  you have obtain in previous step.

4. Type the status you want in the email subject field. The email body can leave it blank. (Note: Status   update via email does not support other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French or others. It will appear as weird characters)You can also attach a photo or video, if you do so then the Subject line should be used for the caption.

5Click send and make sure the email is sent successfully.

6. Check your Facebook for updated status.Done.

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