Thursday, September 29, 2011

Norman Security Suite 1 Year License Key for Free

Norman Security Suite is a comprehensive internet security suite. While it doesn't stand out against its competition, it is a competent product that adequately does what it's supposed to do - protect PCs from internet-borne threats. Norman Security Suite offers real-time, on-demand and scheduled virus scans. During on-demand scans, Norman Security Suite is very informative, displaying a progress graph that offers interesting tidbits of information, such as what has been found and what is being scanned. While most security products offer that capability, Norman's is more descriptive, offering file names and a running status of problems found.

Key Features :
  • Fast scanning, efficient malware detection
  • Improved user experience makes the software easy to use
  • Smart firewall : It automatically recognizes digital security certificates, Trusted Vendors, resulting in less popups and distractions while you surf.
  • Advanced malware cleaning capabilities and reverse action
  • Low memory usage and CPU
  • Microsoft Windows 8 ready

Norman Security Suite 1 Year License Key for Free :

2.  Fill your personal details like name,email address,country and  enter the OEM code as :  PCP-NSS12-DE

3. Click on Submit button and 1 year key will be dispatched to your registered email address.

4. Now download  Norman Security Suite  32 bit installer |  64 bit installer               
Install it and activate with the received key.

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