Friday, December 2, 2011

G Data Internet Security 2012 Free Download with 4 months License Key

G DATA InternetSecurity is a suite of applications that work together in order to provide you with the best protection for your computer. The security features include an antivirus, a firewall, antispam filtering and child protection.In addition to its award-winning virus detection rates, G Data InternetSecurity has a new idle scan feature which scans the system when it is idle to utilize your system‘s uptime efficiently.
Cloud-based analysis of suspicious files and the silent firewall give your system an effective all-round defence against viruses, worms, spam and hacking - without loss of performance and without tedious queries. Parental controls offer additional protection.

Key Features :
  • Award-winning security
  •  Best virus detection rates with DoubleScan technology and OutbreakShield
  •  Extremely fast response time to new viruses
  •  Most up-to-date recognition methods for unknown viruses (behaviour blocking, heuristics, CloudSecurity)
  • Low-profile virus protect
  •  NEW! Idle scan: virus checking when the user or system is inactive
  •  NEW! Proactive protection against online banking Trojans
  •  NEW! Improved Add-In for Outlook for detection of viruses and spam email
  •  NEW! On-execution monitoring mode specially for heavily-loaded systems

G Data Internet Security 2012 Free Download with 4 months License Key

1. Download G Data Internet Security 2012 special build from the download link or go to the giveaway page hosting this giveaway.

2.Now during installation select  "Trial Version"   and G Data Internet Security will be free to use for 4 months.

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