Monday, May 14, 2012

CyberGhost Premium VPN 1 Month Account for Free

Cyberghost VPN is a fast and reliable VPN client and online service that lets users browse the Internet anonymously through a very secure 128-bit SSL encrypted connection. The program is very easy-to-use and requires no expert configuration. Once connected to Cyberghost VPN service a new IP address is provided by the client software which ensures that the CyberGhost VPN IP address should not be assigned to one particular CyberGhost VPN user and the real IP address is hidden from the web.  Moreover, you can also use Cyberghost VPN to access blocked websites or blocked content by circumventing geo, IP or other blockades.

Reasons to use CyberGost VPN:
  • To protect your privacy on the Internet and hinder site operators from tracking you down and clearly identifying you.
  • To get access to uncensored websites outside your country, outside your office or outside your school resp. your university network.
  • To get access to blocked websites or blocked content by circumventing geo, IP or other blockades. CyberGhost let you surf as an American, a German, a Dutch … wherever you are.
  • To guard a public Internet connection (WLANs, Hot Spots), so you can make payments or transactions without being spied on.
  • To investigate unbothered as a journalist, an activist or as a police officer.
  • To keep private affairs most private on adult or dating websites or highly delicate situations.
  • CyberGhost is Privacy Proofed: Anonymous registration, separated payment process, prepaid & cash payments available, more than contented 1.000.000 users, free choice of servers, more than 60 servers throughout Europe and the USA.

CyberGhost Premium VPN 1 Month Account for Free

CyberGost VPN also has a free version  which has a number of limitations such as access to only free servers, limited availability with possible waiting times, forced disconnection after 6 hours, and bandwidth limited to 2 Mbps.The premium service of Cyberghost allows to access to both free and premium serves without any waitting times, and it also offers faster speed compared to the free version.

1. Go to CyberGost VPN giveaway Page scroll down and click “Download” to  download the new version CyberGhost client.
2. During installation, you will be asked to enter your email address to get Get 1 Month Free,now enter your email address and click on button titled "Get 1 Month Free" and you're done.

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