Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chrometa 2: Time Tracking And Management Software License Key for free

 Chrometa is an effortless time tracking and management software which tracks the amount of time users work on a computer on a particular app or on particular web services like Facebook or Twitter, thus helping you to organize the time you spend on your computer, facilitating your ability to precisely bill all your time. It’s worth checking out, especially for students and professionals wanting to know where every last minute ran off to.

 It is also capable of automatically tracking and logging computer activities like used applications, phone conversations, meetings, read e-mails, visited web pages, edited documents, and time spent away from PC.

Chrometa 2 Key Features:
  • Remind you to add a note once you back again to your pc
  • Password protect application access so only you will be authorized to access your information.
  • Pause/resume tracking anytime.
  • Option to Block Chrometa from tracking any application.
  • Records and breaks down your time by e-mail, application, document and Web page.
  • View complete times for every item by custom date range or day, week, month.

A single user license of Chrometa 2 normally costs $99 to purchase. To grab your free license key follow these steps :

1. Visit the Promo Page and enter the required details.

2.Instantly, you will receive  your free license key along with activation details by email.

3. Download Chrometa 2  free and follow the instructions you received in the e-mail to activate.

Chrometa 2 supports Windows XP/Vista/7  and requires a java runtime to use.

P.S: Chrometa 2 is  an time tracking and management software and it has nothing to do with Google chrome.

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