Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flying F160 Quad SIM Phone – world’s first 4 SIM card cell phone

Flying F160 is world’s first quad SIM phone. You might be wondering why would anyone need four SIM cards on a single phone. There are use cases for that and you don’t have to look further than India. But this phone isn’t launching in India. As per the source, the phone costs between $85 to $90.


Some of the salient features of this phone are :

  • Flying F160 costs $75
  • 2 inch touchscreen
  • TV
  • FM Radio 
  • comes in a variety of colors

The cost directly translates to Rs. 4000-4500 and that’s not a bad price to pay for this phone. Did they say touch screen? That too a 2-inch one? Take this with a pinch of salt or pepper, whatever is your spice of choice. You might want to stick some labels on the phone. 1- Airtel, 2-Vodafone, 3-DoCoMo, 4-Aircel. You can have your own stickers.

Currently this phone is not launched in indian market but can be purchased online from :

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