Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amazon App Store For Android launched with 3800 Apps

Amazon has officially launched the Android Appstore, a potential iTunes equivalent for Android.The company–whose roots are in e-commerce and not mobile–aspires to merchandise and sell apps better than Google does on its own platform.And, potentially as well as Apple, which up until now has been the shining star in mobile.Beginning from 22nd march the Appstore is accessible online at Android owners will also be able to download a version of the store to their handset. The store will support hundreds of mobile operators and hardware manufacturers.

The app store currently has 3800 apps, which includes both free and paid apps and certainly the number will be increased in the coming days.

Also on this occasion and as the part of the free app of the day promotion Angry Birds Rio game is exclusively available at Amazon Appstore for free (24 hrs).
Android users can download a version Amazon Appstore to their handset and the store supports hundreds of mobile operators and hardware manufacturers.

Amazon Appstore Features :

  1. Free App of the day: Amazon app store offers Free app a day to help with promotion.
  2. Test Drive : Allows app store users to try an app before they buy. The technology is using Amazon’s cloud services. Users will be able open and use the app from within their computer browser. The simulation will last for about 30 minutes at which point they’ll have to buy it.
  3. Recommendation Engine: Appstore suggests certain apps based on recommendation algorithm that Amazon uses on its Web site.
  4. One-click purchasing for anyone with a credit card on file.

Download Amazon Appstore for Android :

You can directly download Amazon Appstore for your Android mobile at Amazon 

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