Thursday, March 24, 2011

Download AVG Mobilation: Free Anti-Virus App For Android Tablet Devices

AVG Technologies, the world’s leading provider of Consumer security solutions, today announced its new Android security solution for Android tablets called AVG Mobilation, which is building on the success of their smartphone app, Anti-Virus Free. The updates to the app are largely aimed at the needs and possibilities of the new wave of Android tablet devices.The new AVG Mobilation app offers users all sorts of tools to help keep their tablet device safe and running smoothly and securely. Amongst the features is a remote wiping and locking device which, should your tablet be lost or stolen, allows you to remotely lock, wipe and locate your Xoom or other tablet devices to protect privacy.

 And so you don’t have to start over from scratch, Mobilation for Android backs up contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages and installed applications to an SD card. In addition, the ‘app locker’ can password protect any app on the phone to prevent children from using certain inappropriate applications or data.

AVG Mobilation for Android features
  • Scans apps, settings, files, media in real time.
  • Find lost or stolen tablet via Google maps.
  • Backup and restore valuable apps and data.
  • Lock and wipe device remotely to protect privacy
  • Kill tasks that slow tablet down

Download AVG Mobilation for Android :

AVG Mobilation is available for free with advertisements or pro version available for $9.99 with no ad banners. To get the app on your Android device visit Android market and search for ‘AVG MOBILATION’ or download the app from here.

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