Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Ways to Control Your PC with an iPhone for Free

 Controlling your computer through your phone can be useful in a number of cases. For example, if you want to remotely control the playback of a movie from a distance, or if you want to quickly check the download progress of a torrent file, the iPhone-to-desktop connection could prove to be very helpful.
There are numerous ways that people have devised to accomplish the task of controlling the computer with one’s iPhone. But when the list is narrowed down to user-friendly solutions, only 3 entries in the list remain. Fortunately all of these 3 options are free to employ. Read about them below:

1. KineticExtend


The first entry on this list is perhaps the most user-friendly one. KineticExtend is an iOS app sized at only 0.6 MB and compatible with not only the iPhone but also iPod Touch and iPad. The app lets you easily connect your Apple device to your computer. Unlike most networking apps, this one does not have you worrying about details such as IP addresses and firewalls. The KineticExtend app is a free download and can be gotten from  here.

2. JumiTech



JumiTech, an iOS app sized at 3.2 MB, also supports iPod touch and iPad in addition to the iPhone. It offers various categories through which you can control your computer in different ways. Using the app you can stream media from your computer and view plus control the computer’s display. Get the JumiTech iOS application by clicking here.

3. TightVNC


TightVNC will suit people who have the networking knowhow. It requires users to setup an IP address for their computer and then visit that address through their iPhone’s browser. The obvious advantage to this approach is that you need not install any new apps on your iPhone. Check out TightVNC by clicking here.


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