Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zemana Antilogger 1 Year License key for Free

Zemana AntiLogger adds another layer of security for your PC, having an Antivirus or Firewall isn’t enough to protect your PC from clever keyloggers and spywares.Although banking sites uses SSL encryption , but the loop-hole is the encryption only works when you submit data to the website. It is known fact that 80% of malwares or Keyloggers targets online Shopping and banking transactions to steal users password and username before the encryption begins.Zemana Antilogger provides 128-bit SSL Logger protection to thwart keyloggers or malicious programs that record data before the encryption takes place. It will kill all keyloggers that try to steal your info and makes it safe for you to type with your keyboard.

Unlike traditional anti-virus programs which uses virus signature updates, Zemana AntiLogger uses Proactive defense to Catch not just the usual suspects, but also sophisticated “zero day” threats. It also prevents hackers and spywares that try to control your webcam, even when it’s switched off.

Another important feature is Zemana AntiLogger works in conjunction with all famous Security suites & Antivirus softwares, except Quick heal,Snoop Free,eSafe and Blue Ridge Networks.
To make note, Zemana AntiLogger is not a replacement for your existing antivirus or Internet security suite, but it is just security add-on to tighten the security of your online activity .

Zemana AntiLogger Features :

  • WORLD FIRST 128-bit SSL Logger protection
  • Webcam Logger protection
  • Key logger protection
  • Clipboard Logger protection
  • Screen logger protection
  • Blocks Zero-day Malware Attacks
  • Bulletproof self-defense
  • No need to download latest signatures
  • Monitors suspicious behavior and blocks threats that targets system sensitive areas like RAM & Registry
  • Does not slow down your PC
  • Compatible with commonly used security software
  • Compatible with Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit), Vista, and XP with SP2 or higher

Zemana AntiLogger Free for 1 year :

This is new Promo set by Chip Magazine, that provides $ 12 worth Zemana AntiLogger license for free.
1.   First visit this promo page.    

2.  Now enter your First name, Last name, email address and click “senden” button.
3.  Instantly you will receive a conformation mail from “”, click the link that starts from “…”
4.  Now within 30 minutes you will receive Zemana AntiLogger License code from “”
5.  Download Zemana AntiLogger v1.9.2.510[8.3 MB]
6. Install it, run the software and click on the “Services”—> License ,then enter the license that you received.

Note : They are sending the license to all users so skip the steps and use this code PROXMA-CHIP-2011

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