Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Best Twitter tools for business users

If you are new to Twitter then it’s easy to get confused with so many twitter applications out there. Further, if you are a business user than you may have no time to do research on the applications. Hence, here are the ten twitter tools which will be very helpful if you are using twitter for a business purpose.

Here is the list of twitter tools for business users:

1. Tweetmeme
Tweetmeme is the aggregation of all the content being shared in the Twitter. It has different category where tweets are distributed.  Tweetmeme brings out the most popular content being shared in the Twitter.  If you thing Twitter is a junk then you have to visit Tweetmeme to see the quality of content that are being shared in the Twitter.

2. Wefollow
WeFollow is the directory of all the people in the Twitter, who have added themselves to the list. It provides an easy way for you to find relevant people in twitter and connect with them. You can find all short of people from celebrity to technologist in the list. helps you use your time efficiently by making your people search easy and fast.

3. twitscoop
Twitscoop is the service which lets you search the real-time trend in the twitter. Twitscoop uses the dynamic tag cloud to show the most talked topic in an interactive way. You can also search for related keyword and finds its popularity in the Twitter network.
Overall, it allows users to “Mine the thought stream” provided by Twitter. Twitscoop’s algorithm cuts every English non-spam tweets into pieces (“tags”), and ranks them by how frequently they are used versus normal usage. Twitscoop can essentially be described as your real-time web’s monitor.

4. twittercounter
Twittercounter is the most popular way to find your followers and following statistics. It also provides advance analytics for your Twitter Network which is a paid service. In addition you can find free widgets and tools to leverage your social networks.

5. socialtoo
Socialtoo is a paid service that lets you manage your twitter account by autofollow and unfollow tool. It also provides you basic statistics about your followers count and tweet count. It helps you manage your account and reduce the spam in your network.
It has interesting features like social survey that allows you to create survey that will allow you to understand your network much better.

6. is a URL shortener that is most widely adopted by many applications. It allows you to simple shorten Url and track the visits. It provides easy way to view the statistics of you link click.

7. TweetDeck
Tweetdeck is the most popular desktop application for Twitter developer in Adobeair. It is very popular for its interface. It provides you a very easy way to maintain your daily twitter activities. Tweetdeck provides easy way to group your friends into different tabs and clean up the twitter stream. You can also search in the Tweetdeck and open a dedicated tab for the keyword; this allows you to track them easily. Recently, TweetDeck also has added TweetDeck Directory which is similar to WeFollow.

8. stocktwits
StockTwits is an open, community-powered idea and information service for investments. Users can eavesdrop on traders and investors, or contribute to the conversation and build their reputation as savvy market wizards. The service takes financial related data and structures it by stock, user, reputation, etc.
User can add a set of specific stocks, save them to their own portfolio and limit the conversation around it or focus only on their favorite and trusted sources. Watch the whole stream or create your own filters. User can follow the best on the site, the best only in your areas of interest and in turn share your best actionable ideas. This is the best Twitter related financial site on the web does this in real-time.

9. Buzzom Premium
Buzzom Premium is another important application which allows you to focus in your twitter growth. It has many functions to choose from but more essentially its spam filter, scheduler and monitor. These are the three basic functions over which the application is build.
Direct Message is very important for private communication, hence the system allows user to create customized filter to delete unwanted message from the stream and manage them. Buzzom Premium also provides great way to visualize your Twitter growth and network’s activity such as tweets, Retweets etc. The service also has the auto grow and follow system to increase your network’s size. Scheduler allows you to schedule tweets at certain time and control it by specifying its repeat cycle for future tweets.

10. TwitterSearch
TwitterSearch is the basic framework of the entire search engine that is present. It provides an easiest way to find out tweets related to keywords. It also has an advanced feature that lets you customize your query to find relevant tweets. It is small but powerful tool.  Once you get hang of it, it can be your most powerful tool of all. Beside search, it was shows the trending topic which can be useful to get hold of the perspective of twitter.

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