Friday, December 10, 2010

Get JetDrive 2010 pro- a disk optimization suite for free

JetDrive 2010 pro is an easy to use Windows disk optimization and defragmentation suite which cost around €30 or $42. But you can get JetDrive 2010 Pro for free with below CHIP (german) magazine  Xmas promo/ free offer.
With JetDrive you can defragment your hard drives, single files or even your registry.It does a far better job than Windows Defrag and depending upon the condition of your hard drive, you can gain 20% improved system performance. Also it will check the hard drive for errors and optionally remove any garbage and temporary files before the defragmentation begins. JetDrive really boosts your Windows system speed.  

Key Features :

  • JetSmart Technology: Uses a highly effective defragmentation algorithm.
  • AutoJet :Defrag your hard drives either manually or with an automatic process called AutoJet.
  • Defragments your Registry.
  • Checks your Drives for Errors.
  • Displays the current system state in a 3D view and summarizes all operations

How do I get JetDrive 2010 Pro for Free ?

  1. First visit this Chip Promo page , click on ‘Zum Download button—->Download-server Chip online’ and once again click ‘Zum Download‘ button to download JetDrive 2010 Pro special build.
  2. Note : You can directly download the special build from this alternate source(31 MB).
  3. Install it, after installation process is finished you will see a Window similar to below image.
  4. In that window enter your Email ID, First name, last name and click ‘Jetz kost…..’ button.
  5. That’s it!

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