Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best Websites To Find Free Printable Christmas Cards

Christmas cards get more and more expensive every year so if you‘re looking to save money on cards this year, there are a few useful websites where you can create and print template-based printable Christmas cards directly from the website or download high resolution PDF files for printing. Avery half-fold card stock prints well in inkjet printers and they look just as good as the real thing.
I’ve located 5 sites that I found fairly accessible and basically free to use, although there are many others out there that ask for money.   But there is no need to pay anything when you have 5 sites like these that offer free printable Christmas cards.


One of the easiest and straightforward card printing sites is 123printcards. That’s right, in three easy steps, you can customize the title, add a thoughtful message and print our your card on letter size card stock.

The site has 38 different styles of cards, featuring cute, festive and colorful holiday drawings. Some layouts are color intensive, so they may not print well on regular typing paper.
Another linked page on the site enables you to add a photo to one of eight printable Christmas card templates, featuring images of Santa Claus, snowflakes, snowman, Christmas tree, ornaments, winter scenes, and more. The size of these cards are 5×7, and are useful for Christmas card invitations, seasonal and personal greetings.


KeepandShare has a page of nine Christmas cards of assorted layouts that can be printed on card stock.
You can download them as single high resolution PDF files and print them out or send them as eCards. Each card has 2 pages in the PDF Christmas card file, so it’s easy to print out. First print out the first side, setting your PDF software to print page “1″. Then flip your paper stock over and put it back in the printer and print page “2″. You don’t have to register on the site to use the resources.


AmericanGreetings offers a more advanced card printing service, in which you can customize templates in their online Create & Print editor.
 You can add photos, artistic elements, customize text, and change font size on the front and inside cover the layouts.
You can use the service and website for free on a two week trial basis, which enables you to print your card layouts directly from the site. You can also post your Christmas card right on your Facebook account or use it as an e-card.


ActivityVillage includes a collection of a dozen layouts that can be printed directly from the site or downloaded in PDF format. From there, you can hand write your greetings and add art elements.

These cards are geared more towards kids and maybe your office co-workers. The site also has resources for classroom printables, including holiday posters, coloring pages, games, jigsaws, stories and poems, etc.

Christmas Greetings Ideas

If you’re looking for some inspirational messages for your Christmas cards, check out Printable Greetings. It includes an handful of messages like, Friends and family are like the tinsel on the Christmas tree, they provide the sparkle for the season.

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