Monday, April 18, 2011

PARAGON System Backup Licenses giveaway

Backup should be a key element in a computer system’s disaster recovery plan as it is the best medicine when it comes to lost files, whether as a result of disk malfunctions or your mistakenly deleting them. Today, I would like to inform you about upcoming 3 days GIVEAWAY of Paragon’s Premium Backup SolutionPARAGON System Backup’, starting April 19, 9:00am (EST) at Paragon FACEBOOK . The giveaway is open for all Paragon’s friends on Facebook.
For those who don’t know, Paragon System Backup is designed to provide simple and automatic entire system & data backup.

In contrast to many other solutions which only back up your data files, System Backup can save your entire PC to a secure place, providing you with the maximum level of protection. You will be able to easily recover your OS and data files anytime, even in the case of an operating system crash.

Key Features and Benefits of Paragon System Backup:

  1. Out-of-box automated backup helps you initiate protection of your system and data on a regular basis just after the product installation.
  2. Set-and-forget backup strategy. Cyclic Backup establishes a self-running data protection system, providing a “set-and-forget” backup strategy.
  3. With the Create New Storage wizard, System Backup will analyze your disk system and determine the most appropriate place to store your backup images.
  4. Paragon’s Smart backup engine effectively distributes resources among other applications when backing up in the automatic mode, so you can keep working on your computer and without any noticeable lag in system performance.
  5. System Backup is based on simplicity and minimal user participation.
  6. Advanced notification system. Color indicators in the system tray inform you about the level of danger your system and data are in and prompt you with ways to fix it.
Paragon’s Premium BACKUP Solution Giveaway : 

Paragon Software will be running a 3 days Giveaway of their Premium Backup Solution, PARAGON System Backup, at Paragon Facebook fan page. So, don’t forget to visit Paragon FACEBOOK page to participate in the Giveaway between April 19, 9:00am (EST) and April 22, 9:00am (EST).

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