Friday, January 7, 2011

Download Boxoft Photo Magic Maker With Free Registration Code

Boxoft photo magic maker is a easy-to-use image editing software, which provides you all-sided magic effects for touching up your photos, the magic tool lists magic effects to create magic pictures. Just by mouse clicking, you can add many wonderful effects: dazzling star lights, artistic water waves, classical color types, and so on. There are totally 150 single special effects for you to choose.

Besides using the single effect, you can also use multi effects onto one photo. For example, first use one of Light effects, second use one of Star effects, then use one of Edge effects. By this way, you will get thousands of different special effects onto your photo. You will enjoy the funny decorating process to make your lovely photos.
Boxoft Photo Magic Maker key Features:
  • Edit images with adding multiple effects;
  • Directly get images form PC or Digital Camera;
  • Preview image effect while processing;
  • Support double-click to view picture;
  • Provides different kinds of effects: Sketch, Light, Star, Water, Weather, etc;
  • Support undo or redo your operations;
  • Allow save images in different formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP;
  • Enable print out edited images directly;
  • Allow choose Paper size or define manually before printing;
  • Support MirrorPrint edited picture.
How to download Boxoft Photo Magic Maker with free Registration Code?
Boxoft Photo Magic Maker normally costs around $27 for purchase. And it is a try before buy product. The unregistered version has a limitation: only add watermark to output. If you ordered, you will get a register key (license code), after inputting the code, the limitation will be removed. Now, For a very limited time,  the interested users are entitled to download the latest full version Boxoft Photo Magic Maker with free registration code.

To grab your free copy:

1. Visit the Boxoft Photo Magic Maker promo page:, and enter your email to register.

 2. Once you register, they will sent you a confirmation link in the eMail address that you’ve given. Check your mailbox and click on the confirmation link to confirm your registration for the free version “Boxoft Photo Magic Maker”.

3. After click the confirmation link, a new web page will open. Click the “Ihr Bonus-Programm” (means: Your bonus program) button on the right.

4. You will find your free registration code for Boxoft Photo Magic Maker  in the bottom of the page.

5. Download Boxoft Photo Magic Maker here. Install and active it with the registration code you received.

  Boxoft Photo Magic Maker supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

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