Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guide to using Private Browsing in all major browsers

Whether you use IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari, normally each time you surf a web page the browser collect data like browsing history, form filling data, cookies, cache files etc. that may help other to trace your surfing behavior. Not only it harmful for privacy but also harmful financially. Anyone who have little knowledge about browser can collect your financial data like bank login details, credit card details, PayPal login details etc. using your browser’s saved data. That’s why private browsing is important for your security.

Each modern browser has a private browsing feature, just enable the feature and you are secure to surf without sharing your data locally. Make sure you have most resent version of your browser software. The below guide will help you to activate private browsing in your browser.

How to activate private browsing in Firefox?

To enable private browsing to Firefox – Click Tools –> Start Private Browsing. To Disable it – Click Tools –> Stop Private Browsing. Firefox will save all your current open tab while you enable it and restore it when you disable it. You can use short cut key ‘Ctrl + Shift + P‘ to enable and disable private browsing mode.

How to activate private browsing in Google Chrome?
It’s easier than Firefox. Click on wrench icon and then click on ‘New Incognito Window‘. A window will appear. Browsing via that window keep your browsing season private. Just close that Window if you not willing to use private browsing any more. You can use ‘Ctrl + Shift + N‘ as short cut key to open ‘New Incognito Window’.

How to activate private browsing in Opera?
Opera has separate option to open private browsing in Tab and in Window. To enable private browsing in Opera follow this: Menu –> Tabs & Windows –> New Private Tab or New Private Window. To open a new private window you can use shortcut – Ctrl + Shift + N. Close the respective window or tab to disable private browsing.

How to activate private browsing in Safari?
Click on Gear icon located top-right side and then click on ‘Private Browsing‘. An alert box comes with necessary warning. You need to click on ‘ok’ to activate the private mood. To turn private browsing off just click on the private icon in the Smart Address Field or uncheck ‘Private Browsing‘ located under Gear icon.

How to activate private browsing in IE?
Click on Gear icon located top-right side and then click on ‘Safety‘ and choose ‘InPrivate Browsing‘. Follow the same procedure to uncheck and disable private browsing on IE. You can use ‘Ctrl + Shift + P‘ to enable private browsing.

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