Friday, January 21, 2011

Download G-Data Internet Security 2011 1 Year License Key for free

G-Data Internet Security 2011 is a comprehensive and powerful Internet security software which combines antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antispam filtering, and additional Parental controls in a single suite. For rather than just having one anti-virus engine working away, the German developer doesn’t produce its own detection engine but licenses engines from two of its competitors – currently Avast and BitDefender – and runs them in parallel, so suspect files receive twice the scrutiny.

And that combination works, G-Data Internet Security 2011 is able to offer some of the highest malware detection and removal rates, according to independent testing. However, those with lower spec machines may have a little trouble with it as it may slow down your pc.

Key features of G DATA InternetSecurity 2011:
  • DoubleScan: best, award-winning virus detection
  • OutbreakShield: Immediate protection against new viruses
  • New Heuristics detects even more unknown viruses
  • Improved protection vfrom viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, dialers, Trojans, backdoors, and more.
  • Virus blockers for e-mails and instant messaging
  • Award-winning protection against attacks
  • New optimization for games: Switches automatically to Autopilot for transparent firewall protection
  • Individual user profiles, blocks offensive contents and more
  • Keywort-Filter for full text search (extensible)
  • Trace eraser and data shredder
  • Blocks banners, pop-ups, Flash, Java / VB script, etc.

Method to get G-Data Internet Security 2011  1 Year License Key for free

1. Visit this promo page  available in spanish language. If you cant understand, try Google Translate,   or Google Chrome in which the translation process will work automatically. Then download G DATA InternetSecurity 2011 special installer and install it. After installation, a registration window  (in spanish) will pop up. Register it with your name and email.

2.After finish, the program will allow you to activate G-Data Internet Security 2011 free for 3 months. And the free  3 months license will also be sent to your email.

Every 3 months you will be asked to renew your subscription for FREE and you can renew the program free up to one year. The free license you got can also be used on other language installer including english. However, it may not able to auto renew after 3 month.

Download G-Data Internet Security 2011 english or other language installer from here.

Support OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64bit), Vista(32/64bit), Windows XP (SP2 or higher, 32/64bit)

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