Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twitter Grader-View your Twitter Grade

Twitter grader is fre tool to check you twitter profile grade compared to millions of other user that have been graded.  Twitter grader is very easy to use and you can see your twitter grade in just a few seconds using this tool.

How to Use Twitter Grader tool
Open  Enter your twitter username (password not needed) then click grade button and you’ll get an instant grade and report of your twitter account.

How the rank is calculated by Twitter  Grader 

it uses following parameters to calculate your twitter rank:

1.  Number of Followers: More followers leads to a higher Twitter Grade (all other things being equal).  Yes, I agree that it’s easy to game this number, but we are looking at measuring reach and I did say all other things being equal.
2.  Power of Followers: If you have people with a high Twitter Grade following you, it counts more than those with a low Twitter Grade following you.  It’s a bit recursive, and we don’t get carried away with it, but it helps.
3.  Updates: More updates generally leads to a higher grade — within reason.  This does not mean you should be tweeting like a manic squirrel cranked up on caffeine and sugar.  It won’t help either your Twitter Grade or your overall happiness in life.
4.  Update Recency: Users that are more current (i.e. time elapsed since last tweet is low) generally get higher grades.
5.  Follower/Following Ratio: The higher the ratio, the better.  However, the weight of this particular factor decreases as the user accrues points for other factors (so, once a user gets to a high level of followers or a high level of engagement, the Follower/Following ratio counts less).
6.  Engagement: The more a given user’s tweets are being retweeted, the more times the user is being referenced or cited, the higher the twitter grade.  Further, the value of the engagement is higher based on who is being engaged.  If a user with a very high Twitter Grade retweets, it counts more than if a spammy account with a very low grade retweets.

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