Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Panda Internet Security 2011 Free 1 Year Activation Code

Panda Internet Security is a well-rounded internet security suite that provides adequate protection in all areas of internet security just like shopping and accessing your banking websites. In comparison to the previous versions, the latest Panda Internet Security 2011 offers greater protection, better performance and lesser impact on system resources.

Panda Internet Security 2011 also includes Panda USB Vaccine to protect your PC and USB drives from infections, Panda Safe CD to disinfect all types of malware on your computer even if Windows does not boot, a new multimedia/gaming mode to allow you play games without interruptions, and Home Network Manager to check the status of your home computers.

With Panda Internet Security 2011:
  • Phishers can’t steal your identity when you’re online
  • Malware can’t infect your PC or home network
  • Chat and email are free from scammers and junk messages
  • Your data is securely backed up in case you have PC problems
How to get  Panda Internet Security 2011  1 Year Activation Code For Free?
Panda Internet Security 2011 will cost you $59.99 to purchase, but with a cool chinese promo,  You are entitled to download  Panda Internet Security 2011 with 1 Year Activation Code for totally free of charge. This promo is valid till Feb. 21, 2011.
To obtain your free Activation Code for Panda Internet Security 2011:

1. Visit the Panda Internet Security 1 year activation code giveaway page: ( is the Chinese agents of Panda Security Lab). Don’t worry about Chinese language, Just follow the below screenshots. (You can also use Google Translate, or Google Chrome in which the translation process will work automatically)

2. Now, check your email, you should receive an email from <>, containing a Coupon code for Panda Internet Security 2011. Note down this Coupon code.

3.  Back to the giveaway page to register the Coupon code.

 4.  Once you register, you will receive another email from <> along with your free 1 Year Activation Code for Panda Internet Security 2011.

5.  Download Panda Internet Security 2011 installation file from here. Install and use the received activation code to activate the full version.  Activation time can be accumulated, so if you like, you can apply more than one activation code. (That means, 2 Activation Code will give you 2 years  Panda Internet Security 2011 for free)

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